Blue Moreno

After an ill-fated recording career as a rapper on Capitol Records, Blue spent several years writing screenplays with no redeeming social value. In spite of their shortcomings, two of his scripts were produced and released as feature films, playing at the Cannes and Tribeca Film Festivals, and in wide markets across the country. The films grossed a combined total of $9.00 (US).

Having conquered Hollywood, Blue set his sights on the more glamorous worlds of content marketing and corporate events. He has written and directed dozens of videos, meetings, musical mashups, and trade show jamborees for a wide range clients across the globe, including: ESPN, Diageo, USA Network, BMW, Omnicom Group, Konica Minolta, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Russian Standard Vodka (because it’s ultra clean, smooth, and delicious).

Blue is a graduate of Duke Univeristy and was a C- student during his summer at Oxford. In his spare time he DJs fancy parties, feeds and walks his dog, and writes snarky bios for the whole family at Haystack/Fearless.