Its who you know. We know you know that. In our line of business, it’s also about getting it done right and getting it done fast.

We’ve always held that you can only produce a brilliant edit with brilliant footage. Previously, this required that we fly the smartest people all over the world in order to keep the quality. But this took time and funds. And there are skilled DP’s and grips everywhere.

Some time ago we reasoned that the only way we could keep our costs low and still get it done well and with efficiency was to know more people.

And now we do. By having a pre-qualified local video crew in over 50 cities worldwide, we save time and money and we pass both benefits on to you.

Our experienced editing and post-production team remains the same. So the quality of the end product (and our means to making process a pleasure) remains the same. When you’re fearless, you can actually have more fun.