About Fearless

Fearless Company creates smart, innovative video experiences – at a moment’s notice and all over the globe.

Our production team includes highly qualified and experienced directors, editors, designers, animators and motion graphics artists, all of whom enjoy the challenge of producing videos quickly, confidentially and of the highest quality.

Whether you need a critical corporate announcement, client testimonials, man-on-the-street interviews, b-roll footage or coverage of a live event, Fearless can produce your video where you need, when you need it, to the highest standards of quality and at a reasonable cost.

Our corporate clients often choose us because they can count on our quality – but they can also rely on our executing with little notice (12-24 hours) and with complete discretion. For this reason we are often hired to produce IPO roadshows, M+A announcements, employee videos and product or service announcements. We can do this because, in addition to our producers and editors, we have a network of pre-qualified local video crews in over 50 cities worldwide. This saves time and money and we pass both benefits on to you.

We also maintain a collective of the top “motionographers” – masters of motion design, animation, visual effects, graphic design and digital film making. So when you’ve a concept or message that is better suited for storytelling using words, graphics and/or static pictures, we can make it come alive. Our goal is to scale to meet any need – from a short 3D clip to a full-scale re-brand.

Our home team includes our Producer-Directors GeorgeJudy, NelsonBlueMcKenzie – and our Executive Producer T.

Our video execution entails one-or-both of live action (shot with a camera) and motion graphics hand-created production. And we've various team members that specialize in each. As such, we're composed the following manifestos that outline our philosophy in each of these mediums: